Powerfully Pink 2019


Powerfully Pink celebrates the work the Susan G. Komen Michigan does in the community and highlights our sponsors, donors, and grantees that make this impactful work possible. It also honors our survivors, those living with metastatic breast cancer, and our breast cancer advocates. The event also focuses on different educational topics that have made an impact on the lives of those we serve, with an emphasis on survivors and those living with metastatic breast cancer. This year, we will be focusing on the topic of epigenetics in relation to breast cancer and breast cancer research. The program will include lunch, a keynote speaker presentation from an expert in the epigenetics field, and a Q and A with individuals who work in the area of epigenetics.


Join us on Thursday, December 12, 2019 at 11:00 AM to support Komen

Michigan’s mission and recognize those who are integral in the fight against breast cancer.


Schedule of events:

11:00 AM- Doors Open

11:30 AM- Lunch

11:45 AM- Program: “How Epigenetics Transformed the Way We Talk About Cancer”

12:45 PM- Closing





Want to nominate a community member and/or organization who is truly “Powerfully Pink”?

We are collecting nominations for the following awards that will be announced on the night of the event! Click the nomination button below to nominate a deserving community member and/or organization.

  • Lionheart Award: This person is a champion of change. Their roar has resonated above the rest to bring innovation to the fight and a voice to those unheard.
  • Luminescence: This person brings light to others. They are a continuous source of inspiration as a pillar of the breast cancer community.
  • Denise Blunk Young Survivor/Fighter Award: Awarded annually. We wish to recognize a young survivor, fight, or individual living with metastatic breast cancer as an empowered voice within the breast cancer community.


Our Speakers…


Our Sponsors…



Interested in sponsoring this impactful event? We would love to have you! Please email our Director of Development, Winni Walsh, wwalsh@komenmichigan.org, for more information.

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