Recently Diagnosed Fighters

Few words will ever have a more profound effect. The moment you hear them, you’re going from confusion to shock to grief to anger to fear and despair. It’s an emotional ride so exhausting it may take days just to function again. “I fell apart,” says Jane Swartzberg, mother of two. “I literally couldn’t get out of bed.”

Everyone reacts differently.

But no matter how you reacted to the news, take heart. The human spirit, your spirit, is amazingly resiliant. Give yourself some time to work through these emotions. Once you do, you’ll get to a place where you can start thinking “Okay, I’m ready. What do I do now?”

Here are some topics that may help you better understand your diagnosis and things to consider as you prepare for treatment.

Ask Your Doctor
Questions to ask about your diagnosis.

Getting Quality Care
How to choose a doctor, hospital and talk with your health care team.

How to Read Your Pathology Report
Find out what it is, what it means and questions to ask about it.

Treating Breast Cancer
Understand the benefits and risks of your treatment options.

Types of Biopsies
Get informed on the types available and their benefits or risks.

Understanding Assistance & Support
The ins and outs of insurance, financial resources and treatment assistance.

Understanding Your Diagnosis
Learn about factors like tumor type, lymph node status and breast cancer stage.