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‘Pink in the Pews’ is a community outreach program for breast health and breast cancer awareness available to faith-based organizations in Michigan. Throughout the year, Komen Michigan will provide educational materials and program guidelines to registered churches. Many programs run in October for Breast Health Awareness month, but we want to continue the conversation throughout the year. Through Pink in the Pews, churches will:

  • Bring breast health information to your congregation,Collage
  • Celebrate survivors,
  • And challenge the women in your congregation to commit to get annual screening mammograms and/or clinical breast exams.

Your congregation will be provided with educational materials, program suggestions, guidelines and talking points to develop your own Breast Health Awareness Program.  Materials are culturally appropriate for all audiences, including African-American and Hispanic.

If your congregation is interesting in participating, please complete this registration form and return to our West Michigan Office:

Susan G. Komen Michigan
2922 Fuller Ave NE STE 107B
Grand Rapids, MI 49505

Opportunities for Engagement

Your event can take many forms and Komen Michigan will help you craft a plan for your special day. A Pink in the Pews event is a great opportunity to support a congregant in sharing his or her personal story and opening up a safe space for members to ask questions and get involved.

If you are interested in putting together a Pink in the Pews event, Komen Michigan will gladly schedule a call with the event planner to discuss the program and answer any questions you may have. In addition to some event planning, Komen Michigan will provide (when possible):

  • Donation box to support local Komen Michigan programs and research
  • List of local breast health resources in your community
  • Opportunity to help coordinate a speaker or volunteer to attend
  • Opportunity for a breast health ambassador from congregation to attend regional Breast Cancer 101 training


8 Signs of Breast Cancer
Early detection is your best protection! Make sure you’re familiar with the 8 signs of breast cancer.

Commitment Challenge Form to Get Regular Screenings
By signing this form, you are promising your friends, family and fellow church members that you will get a
mammogram and/or clinical breast exam this year. If you provide your email address, Komen Michigan will proviBagsde you with updates about the fight against breast cancer.

Program Ideas
Ideas for celebrating ‘Pink in the Pews’ at your church.

Project Heal
A faith-based approach to breast cancer and screening.